Obstacle to Peace

The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Why has peace in the Middle East remained so elusive?

Obstacle to Peace not only provides the answers, but also explains why you won’t hear them from the US government or mainstream media.

With incisive and provocative analysis, award-winning journalist Jeremy R. Hammond provides a meticulously documented account that explodes popular myths and deconstructs standard narratives about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

For anyone seeking a better understanding of the conflict’s root causes, the true reasons for its persistence, and the way forward, Obstacle to Peace delivers the knowledge and insights to effect the paradigm shift required to achieve justice and peace in the Middle East.

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7 reviews for Obstacle to Peace

  1. Adrian Brown

    I am only part way through. Reading references and other material as it comes up against other readings I am doing. The book highlights the lies I have always believed to be so. I will write further later but for now I recommend this to anyone interested in the “other side of the story.

  2. Rick

    Absolutely the best book out there on America’s undermining of the “Peace Process “ at the direction of the Israelis

  3. William Brutton

    A must read to really understand what is Going on with Israel and the Palestinian never ending conflict

  4. John Wayne Taylor

    Jeremy Hammond’s Obstacle to Piece masterfully reviews the relevant details of what has transpired between Israel, Palestine, and the USA since the late ‘40s. Regardless which people have your heart, the facts covered in this book can help you better understand the things that stand in the way of Israelis and Palestinians implementing lasting, peaceful, positive solutions to their terrible problems.

  5. Guy

    Very well written and informed book that everyone needs to read in order to learn about the history of the state of Israel ,how it was formed and by who.A must read for anyone interested in Middle East affairs.

  6. Laura

    Courageously written and vital to the discussion, Obstacle to Peace documents the U.S. government’s involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while detailing what is at stake should the U.S. proceed on it’s current, regrettable course. By collectively allowing the mainstream media’s over-simplified, government-endorsed version of events to prevail, we have sacrificed the knowledge and feeling needed to address this humanitarian crisis effectively. Obstacle to Peace rectifies this situation by offering an honest, nuanced point of view so that we may be compelled towards more meaningful and lasting solutions. Mr. Hammond’s book speaks to the crucial time period in which we live and the importance of understanding the depth and scope of these historically tragic events. Only by wrestling with these complexities, can the outcome of peace become a viable possibility.

  7. Marcel

    A fantastic read from start to finish. Hammond’s style and his extensive use of direct, contextualized quotations is delightful even when the content itself is infuriating. Before reading this book, I already had an extensive knowledge of I-P up to Oslo, but it was not necessarily required to enjoy the book, as Hammond takes time to give more than adequate historical context whenever it is needed. This book makes an excellent companion to Mearsheimer and Walt’s “The Israel Lobby” and Neil Caplan’s “Contested Histories”.

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